• Status:

The CSRI for offenders operates from 01.07.2012 as a state delegated social service managed by municipal authorities, but from 01.09.2012 it has been assigned to Crime Prevention Fund “IGA”.

  • Target groups:

The main target groups involve:

persons released from custody;

persons with conditional sentences;

persons on probation;

  • Capacity: 20 persons;          
  • Goals of the social service:

-Psycho-social and motivational support towards positive change of the attitudes and behavior of the members of the target group;

-Prevent re-offending by implementation of a full spectrum of medical-consultative advisory;

  • Activities:

-        Social counseling and mediation;

-        Medical counseling;

-        Motivation and support for continuing education and vocational training;

-        Labor counseling and advocacy;

-        Legal counseling;

-        Psychological consultations – individual, group, marital;

-        Occupational therapy;

-        Group cognitive-behavioral programs, vocational and employment guidance;

  • Staff:

Manager; Two social workers; Therapist; Psychologist; Accountant; Hygienist;







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