KashtaThe Bulgarian Fund for Women and BCause Foundation have supported another project on domestic violence launched by Fund - IGA. Project “Support, help and protection” was launched in December and will close in May 2020. It is going to be implemented in the territory of Pazardzhik Region.

Its main goal is to provide timely and adequate support, protection, rehabilitation, and reintegration to victims of domestic abuse as well as services to perpetrators of domestic violence.

The experts at Fund IGA who work at the Bureau for consulting, directing, and assisting will provide specialized consultations and rehabilitation programs to both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. There will be mobile consultations for those who cannot be physically present at the Bureau.

An information brochure and poster will be distributed to institutions from Pazardzhik Region to inform them about the opportunities that the project offers to the target groups.

The project will close with a Regional forum at which representatives of institutions from all municipalities in Pazardzhik Region will participate.