Zakl konf (2)Closing conference under Project "Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence” took place at the conference hall of Grand Hotel “Hebar”, Pazardzhik. The Project was implemented by Crime Prevention Fund - IGA on the territory of Pazardzhik Region in the period of 21 May-21 October 2019.

Representatives of institutions and organisations engaged in the issue participated in the forum. Stefan Mirev, municipal manager at Pazardzhik Region, gave a welcome speech.

The following topics were discussed during the conference: the project results, the activities of the Bureau for consulting, directing, and assisting victims of domestic violence, the programmes and services for victims of violence, and the monitoring report on enforcing the Law for protection of domestic violence (LPDV) in Pazardzhik judicial region in 2015-2018.

Zakl konf (1)During the second part of the forum, representatives of institutions engaged in the issue shared experience, practices, and ideas for future collaboration and improvement of the coordination mechanism. The conference ended with a discussion.

The Project was implemented under Contract for non-remunerated financial assistance, №93-00-154/21.05.2019, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice.