Info VelingradInformation day about domestic violence took place in the conference hall of City Council - Velingrad. Among its participants were representatives of Municipal Administration, Municipal Council, municipal institutions, community centres, and schools.

The project “Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence” was presented during the information event as well as the activities of the Bureau for consulting, directing, and assisting victims of domestic violence, the programmes and services for victims of violence, and the specialised programme for perpetrators of domestic violence.

Velingrad is the third municipal centre, after Rakitovo and Bratsigovo, where this information day takes place. It is part of the project for prevention of violence by Fund IGA "Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence”, implemented under Contract for non-remunerated financial assistance, in negotiation with the Ministry of Justice.

The event was organised with the support of Velingrad Municipality.