Info RakitovoSince may 2019, Crime Prevention Fund - IGA has been implementing Project “Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence”. Information days in municipal centres in the region where there have been no information campaigns on this topic are part of the project. Fund IGA has been working on the issue of domestic violence for the past 10 years. Such campaigns have already been conducted in the following municipalities: Pazardzhik, Peshtera, Panagyurishte, Belovo, Strelcha, Septemvri, Batak, and Lesichovo. With the current project, the campaign expands its scope to a few more municipalities: Rakitovo, Bratsigovo, Velingrad, and Surnitsa.

The first Information day took place on 19 July in the hall of Municipal council Rakitovo. Among the participants were the chairperson of Municipal council - Rakitovo, representatives of Municipal administration, institutions in the territory of the municipality, schools, civic organisations, and citizens.

The event was made possible through the generous support of Rakitovo Municipality.

Project “Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence” is implemented under Contract for non-remunerated financial assistance №93-00-154/21.05.2019 in negotiation with the Ministry of Justice.