ZPD 8 02Crime Prevention Fund - IGA together with Pazardzhik Municipality organised a training “Children and youngsters in contact with law - human trafficking” at the beginning of February.

Participants at the training were members of two local commissions in Pazardzhik - Local commission against antisocial acts of juveniles and minors and Local commission against human trafficking.

The project coordinator presented its contents, goals, and tasks as well as the activities of the Centre for children’s rights in Pazardzhik.

The main lecturer at the training was Mariana Shoteva - chairperson of Administrative court, Pazardzhik.

The event was organised within Project "Centres for the rights of children in conflict or in contact with the law in Bulgaria”, funded by the Velux Foundation. As part of the project, Centre for children’s rights has been functioning in Pazardzhik since May 2017.