Regional Fund - IGA, Pazardjik won an international award! Personally Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal presented the International Community Justice Awards!


Regional Fund - IGA was the only non-government organization that won the prestigiousInternational Community Justice Award 2004.

Award for Fund – IGA, handed from the mayor of Madison, Mr. Jerry Gist /USA/, for “demonstrated outstanding ability in your chosen field of endeavor, and have worked for the welfare and progress of Bulgaria” 2007

Award for Fund – IGA by Sofia municipality for “development of an effective model for inter-agency cooperation during the implementation of European projects in partnership with Sofia municipality” 2007.
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Predst ZPD (2)The Children’s Rights Centre was officially presented to the media and other institutions today at BTA National Press Club – Pazardzhik. The Centre was developed within project “Development of Centres for the Rights of Children in Conflict or in Contact with the Law in Bulgaria” implemented by the National Network for Children and funded by The Velux Foundation.

Its main goal is to support the reform in children’s justice by uniting and applying the already existing experience, knowledge, and expertise in order to develop and apply services which guarantee the rights of children and youngsters who are victims or witnesses of crimes, who have behaviourial problems, or who are in contact or in conflict with law.

In the territory of Pazardzhik Municipality the service will be delivered by Crime Prevention Fund – IGA, a licensed deliverer of social services. The main activities of the team of the Centre will be informing, prevention, and consulting of children and their parents with the aim to guarantee the children’s rights. Children’s Rights Centre (CRC) is a social service, which is innovative in the community, related to all social, educational, health, and other services in Pazardzhik Municipality.

The project and the activities of CRC were presented by Andrey Momchilov – jurist at the Centre, Dimitar Rusinov – chairperson of the Board of Managers of Fund – IGA, and Lyudmil Spasov – regional coordinator of the National Network for Children.

Интерактивна карта на дейностите по „Национална програма за превенция и контрол на туберкулозата в Република България за периода 2017-2020 г.” и програма „Подобряване на устойчивостта на Националната програма по туберкулоза”

February 2020
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